Our Promise

We promise to deliver on six key areas of our business that reflect our commitment to our clients, customers and stakeholders.

Uncompromising safety for our staff, customers and local environment is our number one priority.

Our goal is ‘zero harm’ in all that we do to ensure our business is sustainable and here long term.

Safety is paramount in everything we do and is particularly important in the employee transport industry. We recognise that the safety risks for employees driving to and from industrial sites are significantly higher than those faced in an urban environment.

There is an increased risk of accidents arising from employee fatigue, drug or alcohol use, conditions on-site and local traffic conditions. Noise, pollution, dust, vibration and harsh weather conditions bring additional risks to health and well being. Buslink VIVO eliminates these risks to your employees. Buslink VIVO operates to safety accreditation standards AS/NZS4801 and OSHAS 18001.

Download the Buslink VIVO Work Health & Safety Policy.

We team with leading bus manufacturers to ensure highest standards of quality, comfort and reliability.

One of the many benefits of providing on-site transport solutions is that your employees return to work relaxed and refreshed, boosting their overall performance.

Our in-vehicle monitoring system helps our drivers adjust their behaviour to limit harsh braking and improve passenger comfort with a smoother journey. All our drivers are trained to the highest customer service standards.

Employees are happier and their journeys to and from work become an opportunity to rest and relax.

We understand the necessity of providing a cost effective solution so your business can run as effectively as possible and with the right infrastructure.

We are able to draw from existing Transdev and Buslink transport resources, teams and experience both nationally and across the world. We provide excellent value for money while still delivering a safe, reliable service with high levels of comfort and customer satisfaction.

Our mobile pool of bus operators and key project personnel enable a localised and Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) supported staffing model, representing excellent value for money and above all, a safe, productive and engaged workforce.

On time delivery
We offer you best in class operational performance for reliability and

When we take on any new workforce transport project, the best way to maximise operational performance is to work together. Understanding the key criteria and time frames for your business is fundamental to better planning and execution.

Detailed preparation allows safe, smooth and on time running of services. At present we have a 99.9% on time delivery of services and we intend to keep it that way.

Our reliability comes from the fact we only work with the best vehicle manufacturers. By understanding the local environment you receive the most robust, technologically advanced products that require minimum maintenance and repairs.

What that means for your business is reduced down time through breakdowns or off road time for repairs. At present we have a 99.5% fleet availability rate. In the event this happens, we provide 24/7 mobile mechanics.

We are committed to the pursuit of continual improvement and with a philosophy of getting things ‘right first time’, we can assure your business will receive meticulous planning, design and delivery – on time.

Quality assurance
Quality runs through our business from who we employ to the manufacturers and suppliers we work with.

Quality means incorporated state of the art technologies and best practice preventative maintenance program that allow us to track and monitor vehicle performance and to control services in real time.

Quality means our people are given the responsibility to maintain high quality standards with a strong focus on operational performance, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

And, through the implementation and accreditation in AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems across all our operations means your business will receive the highest level of service from us.

Download the Buslink VIVO Quality Management Policy.

Community connection
We support and engage local businesses and people to create sustainable working environment and vibrant communities.

We are committed to employing people who live in surrounding areas for the welfare and prosperity of their communities. The training we provide means our employees are given the opportunity and experience to work in a best practice employer who encourages personal responsibility and being proactive in the community.

Proceeds from our drink bottle recycle program are donated to local charities Sids and Kids and Variety.

We also connect with our communities through donating bus services for school trips and local festivals.

Sustainable World
Thinking about and acting on the provision sustainable practices is good for business and the environment we all live in.

Our focus is to work together with our clients to minimise the overall environmental footprint on and around each site.

Any industrial project needs to be environmentally sensitive. We understand the potential consequences related to the development of any project and commit to optimising services while limiting the impact on the environment.

Our solutions provide a lower-carbon alternative to the private car and mitigate the effects of excessive road traffic on local communities. And, through our in-vehicle monitoring systems we are able to monitor fuel consumption and driver behaviours.

We commit to certify all our operations to the AS/NZS ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standards.

Download the Buslink VIVO Environment Policy.