Working together

As a business built on a joint venture partnership, we understand the importance of working together. To keep our relationship with our many stakeholders harmonious, we must first understand their differing needs. Our challenge each and every day is to deliver beyond what is expected.

Working in an unforgiving climate and demanding industry, our passengers’ priority as project employees is to reach their destination, on time every time. At Buslink VIVO we go the extra mile so our travellers can too. Our pledge to our customers:

  • Travel in a safe, secure environment
  • Travel in comfort with clean, temperate vehicles
  • Rely on our time-performance delivery
  • Connect with a friendly, professional team

Our Promise

Project managers, procurement teams and operation managers rely on suppliers to deliver smart solutions, cost effective transport services and safe practices. We strive to exceed expectations, servicing projects of any scope, assisting the commercial needs of our clients. Our pledge to our clients:

  • Work with a partner, specialising in both global and local logistics
  • Offer an adaptable transport solution with choice and flexibility in fleet, facilities, scheduling and more
  • Accountability in our delivery, with frequent reporting and in-vehicle tracking
  • Value for budget, with a commitment to delivering cost effective, efficient solutions
  • Safe, comfortable and reliable transit for all our passengers

Tailored Solutions

It maybe a cliché, but our employees are the life-blood of our business. Their valuable contribution and dedication to our success means we deliver a service that is comparably superior to our competitors. For this we aim to provide:

  • Ongoing training for skill development and knowledge building
  • Career development opportunities and pathways
  • Employ local, community driven team members
  • An ethical, safe and supportive company culture

Why Work With Us

Maintaining professional, committed relationships with vehicle manufacturers, service providers and government agencies allows our team to be effective to drive efficiency for our clients. Our business partnerships enable agile fleet procurement and upkeep, giving Buslink VIVO a competitive edge. Our pledge to our business partners:

  • Fair and transparent business dealings
  • Open two-way communication and account handling
  • Professional team with expertise

Fleet & Facilities