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A well performing team is something we strive for and is part of the Promise we make to our clients and stakeholders. Having the skills or the willingness to learn new skills is only part of the equation. A strong team is one where everyone is actively engaged and understands their role in the smooth running and future sustainability of the business

As the customer-facing job of our business you will understand the need for a high level of service, being courteous and friendly.
Requirements are:

  • MR, HR, HC, MC Licence
  • H Endorsement (or relevant authority to carry commercial passengers)
  • Demonstrated experience in the bussing industry or completion of a relevant commercial bussing course
  • Demonstrated experience in operating heavy rigid vehicles

Our bus marshals provide the vital link between bus operators and Operations.
Requirements are:

  • Organisation skills and ability to work well under pressure
  • Ability to establish and maintain flexible and positive interaction with all stakeholders
  • To be customer service focused and committed to providing on time service
  • Good communication skills

Our mechanics are committed to providing vehicles maintained to the highest standards.
Requirements are:

  • MR Class Licence
  • Certificate 3 in Heavy Vehicle Road Transport
  • Experienced heavy vehicle diesel mechanic

Our operations staff are responsible for coordinating the punctual delivery of our service for our clients and customers. Scheduling drivers, planning bus timetables and supporting the bus operators out on the road 24/7.

These jobs are the engine room of our business and you should be able to work well in a team environment and be pro-active in problem solving.

Supporting all areas of the company, our administrators are responsible for making sure that our business runs smoothly.

Our administrators work in finance, HR, operations and maintenance.

As a leader in our organisation, you will help develop the strategic objectives of the business and have the know how to implement them.

Your experience would ideally be based in some of the disciplines that suit our particular industry such as finance, corporate governance, supply chain and logistics, quality control, human resources, health and safety and operations management.


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