Our employee transportion process

Our process in determining transport strategies for our clients comes from a multitude of experience, innovative thinking and intuitive planning. Transportation packages require a considered process, communicating with clients on strategy, design and performance.

It begins with strategic thinking

With our clients’ objectives in focus, we plan and strategise a transport solution with considerations on fleet mix, routes and operational scheduling, financials and action planning with existing barriers and resources taken into account.

Crafting an innovative, forward-thinking strategy requires client collaboration with our expert team to respond to the unique challenges faced by projects.

Designing an effective operational plan

Aligning a transportation strategy to operations involves accurate scheduling, route planning and adapting to circumstances such as down time due to electrical storms.

Transport operations solutions may involve dedicated facility engineering, customised operator training, and other value-enhanced decision making. Custom facilities may also include design, implementation and maintenance of depots, bus stops, refuelling stations and wash bays.

An onsite traffic management team provides expert advice to ensure the smooth running of transport operations and we offer our clients a dedicated ‘one contact’ to manage their transportation solution package.

Performance Management and Reporting

With actions underway for procurement, training and construction the team at Buslink VIVO continue the service offering with reporting of key metrics built into our transportation packages. Working to the desired outcomes defined at the beginning of our process, we aim to provide regular updates and results to our clients including:

  • Asset Utilisation
  • Operational KPIs
  • Financial KPIs
  • Incident rate

Measurement and information sharing with our clients allows us to leverage opportunities to improve performance from corporate office to mine site.

Delivery to your schedule

We pride ourselves on delivering our transport solutions with critical on time performance, working with our clients project timelines and forecasts. In our years of experience we’ve proven a successful track record with highly reliable on time performance across more than 70,500 services.

Find out more about our commitment to providing service excellence in Our Promise.


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