Fleet & facilities

We have long established and strong relationships with both Mercedes Benz and Volgren who rank us as a Top Priority customer.

As part of this service, Volgren biannually inspects the bodies of large vehicles as an additional safety and service feature during the life of any contracts together. Mercedes Benz provides their Star Diagnostics for specialised fault diagnostics for fast turn-around for vehicles off the road. They also allow access to their online portal for ordering vehicle manuals and parts. Both these items are usually only available to Mercedes Benz dealerships.

The Mercedes Benz/Volgren combination is the premium product in the bus market:

  • Outstanding reliability with 99.9% on-time performance
  • Robust reliability in any harsh or remote climate
  • Our Top priority customer ranking means quicker diagnostics, spare parts ordering and vehicle procurement
  • Performance guarantees and skilled labour assistance, and;
  • Enhanced driver and passenger safety.

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Vehicle Maintenance

Mechanical servicing and repairs are conducted systematically across our fleet for performance reliability and to comply with the highest standards in our ongoing commitment to safety and quality. We employ a local, qualified mechanical team for our workshop and maintain an on-call roster to carry out mechanical servicing, diagnostics, HVAC servicing, auto electrical work, gearbox conditioning, brake testing and general vehicle repairs.

Mandatory daily inspections are carried out by our drivers before they begin their journey to proactively reduce breakdowns and mechanical issues. Checks include safety, drivability and body checks across tyres, emergency equipment, fluid levels, body damage and more.

Dedicated facility and infrastructure support

To support the demands of a transport solution and fleet of vehicles, Buslink VIVO offers the ability to engineer, build and maintain the transport infrastructure as part of our tailored transport solutions.

Our onsite wash facility keeps our fleet clean, visible and safe on the roads. Water recycling and mindful disposal of fluids are conducted at our depot as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. Vehicle maintenance and upkeep is a fundamental component of employee transportation to link people with their place in comfort and safety.

If you need a 24/7 operation, we can build it

We can engineer, build and maintain the transport infrastructure you require and tailor it to suit your operation.

For example, our award winning depot in the Northern Territory is a 24/7 operations centre. Our staff work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, controlling the movement of all our vehicles. We operate a custom-built roster system to ensure smooth running services and schedulers ensure drivers are rostered as needed in line with relevant legislation.


Light vehicles for management and other staff needs

Buslink VIVO has an established relationship with Toyota and a history of running Toyota vehicles in our smaller vehicle range. This includes coasters, mini buses and light fleet including Toyota Hilux.
Toyota has a proven track record of reliability in the harsh, Australian environment and a proven history of excellence in support and servicing. They carry a large range of parts and remote servicing, providing additional flexibility.

Nationwide utilisation of depots

Through our joint partnership, we have access to facilities and depots as these locations for employee transport and other charter services:

  • Darwin
  • Alice Springs
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gladstone
Fleet Operation and Compliance

Providing employee transport requires a comprehensive understanding and ability to abide by regulations, laws and site compliance. As part of our transport hire and operations solutions, Buslink VIVO meet industry, project and legal standard across our fleet and drivers.
Onsite vehicle compliance and specification can be certified by our maintenance team, allowing hassle-free transit from camp accommodation to site. Now, with evolving needs of the industry for safety and monitoring, Buslink VIVO can offer a range of customised vehicle and vessel additions, including:

  • two-way UHF radio communication
  • telematics and in-vehicle-monitoring systems
  • WIFI
  • satellite tracking
  • on-board CCTV cameras

These tools are some of the latest in transportation technology, providing real-time data for operational analysis and reporting.

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